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Operate a complete food production business for leading brands both domestically and internationally. Founded on July 19, 2013, Hesco Solution Co., Ltd. is a full-service food producer such as sauces, seasonings, and seasonings. ready meals Frozen ready-to-eat food Marinated ready-to-cook food and sweets that produce food for sale for leading brands both domestically and internationally There are food innovation centers in every region. Comprehensive food development consulting agency from experts as well as giving advice on packaging Production and export authorization to certify industrial production both at home and abroad


Responsible for developing and producing quality products to the market in both B2B and B2C formats with many leading brands from customers. It also produces rice products such as parboiled rice for both domestic and international sales.


Hesco Solution Co., Ltd. produces countermeasure products. Frozen type and seal for many brands. And there are also products exported to the country as well.


Frozen food, Chill, Ready to eat

1 :

Rice and curry dishes such as chicken panang curry and steamed rice Sweet and Sour Chicken with Steamed Rice Chicken basil with steamed rice, etc.

2 :

Golden bag filled with vegetables

3 :

Pad Thai

4 :


5 :


Sauces and Condiments

1 :

Habanero Sauce

2 :

Pad Thai Sauce

3 :

Stir Fried Basil Sauce

4 :

Chili sauce

5 :

various chili paste

6 :

various sauces

Ready-to-eat Retort Food

Retort sterilization It is a food sterilization under pressure. By using high heat more than 100 degrees Celsius at the right time to keep food safe from pathogenic germs. and can be stored at room temperature for more than 12 months.

1 :

Types of curry such as Massaman curry, red curry, green curry, etc.

2 :

Types of soups Mixed vegetables and meat and ready to eat

3 :

Coconut Milk Fragrant Rice

4 :

Brown rice

5 :

white rice

6 :


7 :

Riceberry mixed with jasmine rice

8 :

udon noodles, ramen noodles


Hesco Solution Co.,Ltd.

Food Innovation Center

Food Innovation Center

Located at 30 Moo 9, Soi Jai Eua, Bang Khu Wat Subdistrict, Mueang Pathum Thani District, Pathum Thani Province 12000, total area 2,804 square meters, for the purpose of developing food products including producing Pilot Scale products to support customers who are interested in market trials and SME businesses using innovation and technology of tools and modern equipment with a team that has direct experience in food

Our Service

– R & D Service

– Food Regulation Service

– Facilities & Equipment Service

– Packaging Design Service

– Complementary Set Service

Facilities & Equipment Service Training space and kitchen for rent

– Training / Seminar

– Kitchen

– Halal Kitchen

– Chemical / Packaging Laboratory

Food Innovation Center

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